stick figures and cotton candy


I am so excited that this girl miraculously went from scribbling to stick figures in a matter of days! All by herself! I thought Jay must have drawn it, but it is all her! She has pages of them now, but this one was the first one (that I saw at least) Kids are amazing and fascinating little people! I can't believe she'll be 3 in less than a month. Which reminds me, I better get crackin' on the b'day festivities planning…


5 Responses to stick figures and cotton candy

  1. i love her stick figure. that’s amazing!
    cute picture too.
    yes, let’s plan something soon.

  2. Oh look at what the budding artist drew! You hafta save that. Love her little braid with the curl at the end. So sweet. She was just born, and now she has a wee sister too.

  3. It really is an awesome blessing to be able to spend every day with little ones. It’s always something new. And often wonderful. :-)

  4. Elma Riedstra

    Yes our babies grow up way to fast. I wish there was a stop button so we can enjoy them a little longer when they are young! I lover her long hair and I would love a bite of her cotton candy:)

  5. Children nowadays really grows very fast. Well, advance happy birthday to that cute little lady and I hope she will had a strong and healthy body as she grows older. God bless!!!