more berries and a dress

So, this blog just might as well be a food blog, since all I do is talk about it. Well, a baking blog, since baked goods are mostly the food of choice. And the summer baked good food of choice is berries of course! So, if you’re not bored to tears by berries, here are some wineberries for you…

Here’s another picture, just because they look so lovely in their wee cafe au lait bowl, all ready for some yogurt and honey…

We have tons of these growing in the woods by our house, so I decided that I should bake a pie. And I found a recipe for a Wineberry custard pie that sounded pretty good. I can’t help, however,thinking of Alicia’s post about a custard pie, and the icky description of one in a novel she was reading at the time (which incidentally, is a very good book, if you’re looking for a cozy summer mystery) So, maybe they do look kind of unappetizing and seem rather pus-like (sorry, gross), but here you go. I think it was rather tasty. Hence the lack of a fork. I am pie obsessed and will just eat it with my bare hands like a savage.



That plate is one of a set that I got at the thrift store the other day. I thought they would be so pretty for Thanksgiving. I have this thing for buying plates and serving items for Thanksgiving. They’re usually in Autumnal tones, and seem only appropriate for that holiday, although I sort of like these for everyday, too. But anyway, speaking of thrifting. I got this great vintage girls dress on the same day as the plates, which I now have to convince Clara that she must wear. She is all about the pink and the frou-frou these days, however, so it may take some convincing. Wouldn’t it look so cute with some little Saltwater’s? Or over t-shirt and jeans in the fall? (must think of bribe) 



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