3rd birthday

today is my little Clara's 3rd birthday. I can't believe it. She is starting preschool this week, too. I think I'm more nervous about the whole thing than she is. How the time has flown. It seems like this was just yesterday….


I am waiting for her to wake up from her nap and for her daddy to get home so she can open presents. Then it's cake later with her grandparents!


We had a party with her friends on Sunday, and Liz has a nice post about it with some cute pictures. Somehow I never can remember to take pictures while all the celebrating is going on!

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  1. happy birthday to CLara! I did pop over to see your friends pictures. I miss those days! my first baby has a birthday coming up on the 20th! I dont even want to think about how old she is! Im hoping that I can find her a something wonderful at the country living fair for her gift!
    anyways… enjoy these days.. because we arent kidding when we tell you that they fly right by!

  2. ack! such sweetness!!! oh happy happy day, miss clara. xx

  3. Happy birthday Clara!
    im one day late I know, but i was thinking of her yesterday. Hugs!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, and I hope the year is filled with happiness for her as she begins her adventures in school and the world! :)

  5. oh, my goodness! I still remember when Clara was born. I could tear up. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

  6. Oh Happy birthday!! Times just flies doesn’t it. Don’t blink because if you do she will be all grown up. My baby just turned five and I just can’t take it. He started K this past monday and goes three full days a week. Wendsday was my first day home with no kids in 23 years:( Have a great week.

  7. Hi Elma!
    Thank you! Time does fly by, so, so fast, I am now coming to realize. Clara
    is at her very first day of preschool, right now! I hope she is having a fun
    day. There were tears when I left…I can’t imagine how it must be, for you,
    to be home with no children all day!! One would think it might be
    liberating, that you could get things done, and putter around. But now I
    think that that might not be the case! I know I miss my Clara, and she is
    only gone for 3 hours a day!!
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  8. Hello,
    Clara is such a cutie!
    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. She looks so cute and happy with her birthday cake. Happy birthday to little Clara!