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Today, I think I’ll attempt to head to the fabric store with the kids. This is never an easy feat. The place is cramped, and I am indecisive, Clara is impatient, and Lillian is heavy in her baby carrier. BUT I need to make a Halloween costume for Lil! I have procrastinated to a ridiculous point, and grandparents are going to be bummed if baby doesn’t show up at the door in a costume. Clara already has hers, purchased by her Nana- a sparkly pink fairy princess, of course! I was thinking Lil could be a Lily, how appropriate! Thisis simple and great because she can stay in her carrier, and she doesn’t really have to “wear” anything uncomfortable.   


At the mention of procrastinating, it brings me to the point of my Halloween animals. Here are a few of them, unfinished. And rather sad and forlorn looking, I might add. Look at that poor brown bear’s face! Boo hoo! I am finding it really, really hard to find a good balance between creating and mothering. I cannot seem to find the time in the day for both. I know I have talked (whined) about this here before, but I feel compelled to mention it again. It just baffles me why I can’t seem to find the energy or time to make a handful of cute critters. Months, it takes me, stealing moments here and there. I daydream mostly, making sketches and jotting down ideas, getting inspired. I have to plot out how I will use these stolen moments when they sneak up on me. Ready, set go! Make something as fast as I can; an arm, an ear, a dress for a bunny, before the kids wake up or someone cries out for assistance or juice, or whatever else. I have a very hard time creating under pressure. And I know I’m not the only mother/artist in this boat. We all are in it together. How do you find a balance? I feel like my JOB is to be a mom right now. I decided that it would be best to stay at home with my children, and I feel rather guilty when I am not devoting myself to that task. I know that if I really wanted to create, I would make the time for art. But when everyone is finally in their beds at night, I find all I want to do is crawl into bed myself. I used to be able to stay up late, finding that nighttime was my most creative time. Now it is my comfy jammies, good book, a bit of TV and then flat out asleep by 9:30 time.


I’ve been reading some inspiring entries on the Wish Studioblog. The series Wishmamasis very helpful and applicable, hearing other women with the same creative plight.

I am going to figure this all out. I need to take some time to recharge my creative batteries. I’m going to start working on different projects entirely when I get a few moments. I need to venture outside what I’ve been making for years to sell, and really try to do something else…something frivolous and personal and old-fashioned. Like quilts or rug hooking or crosstitch. I don’t know. I’m rambling on, but I feel a bit better, to get a little bit of that out in the open.  I hope you are all having a lovely, creative, productive day! Some cupcakes for you! (No problem finding time to bake!)


fall birthday weekend

This Sunday,we went for a gorgeous, aimless fall drive. It was my birthday and that was all that I wanted…just a day to get in the car, drive north, along the Hudson, without a goal and just have a relaxing few hours away from my mommy duties. It was the perfect day. I only took a few pictures… 

We ended up in Hyde Park, where you can tour the Vanderbilt mansion. I could spend days and days just touring historic homes. It may seem boring to some, but I am a big nerd at heart, and I love it to death. This house has all of the original furnishings and decorative items, and books and art and minutae. Amazing. It was all just left there.  In another life I would absolutely get into the curatorial/historic preservation field and work at one of these homes. That was sort of my career goal back in college, when I majored it Art History. Although a "career" never really panned out the way I envisioned. Not the easiest field to get into. And now my "career" is being a mama and making cute things from wool.  Anyway…I want to go back here next year, because they're supposed to be opening up a "behind the scenes" tour that is focused on the servants. You'll get to tour the kitchens and the basement and their quarters. I think I often find that dynamic of those monstrous old homes the most fascinating; what went on with the people who worked there. The whole upstairs-downstairs thing. 


This is Boscobel, although we didn't take the tour. There wasn't enough time in the day. We had to get home for the kiddies.

It was a lovely day…I wish we could manage to have more days where just Jay and I could get a bit of times to ourselves.

This weekend, some snow fell…(just a little)
This made for snug conditions indoors, which prompted the making of homemade ravioli…
It came out just ok. I think maybe investing in the pasta roller attachment for the Kitchenaid would be wise. But after we made it, Clara turned to me and said "that was sooo fun, Mommy!" 

Pumpkins were carved! Spooky! 
That would be Clara's on the upper left! It came out pretty well, I think!
And pumpkin seeds were roasted!

It was a fun, family filled weekend! I hope you had a great one, too!

autumn blogging…the lazy way

This seems to be my new  blogging . Keep tons of pictures on the camera, and then when you load them onto your computer, compose a post around whatever is in there! Although, this does have a thematic element, so it's not super random. But it is a bit lazy. aah, well. Here are some autumn pictures from around the house and out and about.

Pumpkin and apple picking day!
We opted to buy already picked apples from the orchard, as opposed to picking this year. There were some moody wee ones accompanying us, and I don't think that would have been prudent!
Then, on to pumpkins! (Note the moody hair)
attempt at a family shot!

And a few little pictures from around the house!

The quintessential autumn craft…leaves between wax paper…always a hit! Next year I'll cut the wax paper to fit the window panes…silly me! 
And because I can't have a post without the mention of food…these pancakes are the best for chilly mornings! Cinnamon-Oat Pancakes
 And a few other great, seasonally appropriate  recipes I've tried lately:
Apple-Braised Turkey Thighs from the October issue of Everyday Food. Sooo, yummy and cozy for a dreary cold day. 
Butternut Squash and Cheddar Bread Pudding from Bon Appetit. we're still trying to eat all of the butternut squash we harvested! I'm really into savory bread puddings lately. yummy.  

As I type this, the first snow of the year is falling! A bit of a slushy, rain/snow mix, but still! I was going to venture out and run some errands today, but I think I might just stay right here. And maybe work on some Halloween animals?!? I'm HOPING to get them done this week. There are so many interruptions these days. Mostly pleasant interruptions!