Today, I think I’ll attempt to head to the fabric store with the kids. This is never an easy feat. The place is cramped, and I am indecisive, Clara is impatient, and Lillian is heavy in her baby carrier. BUT I need to make a Halloween costume for Lil! I have procrastinated to a ridiculous point, and grandparents are going to be bummed if baby doesn’t show up at the door in a costume. Clara already has hers, purchased by her Nana- a sparkly pink fairy princess, of course! I was thinking Lil could be a Lily, how appropriate! Thisis simple and great because she can stay in her carrier, and she doesn’t really have to “wear” anything uncomfortable.   


At the mention of procrastinating, it brings me to the point of my Halloween animals. Here are a few of them, unfinished. And rather sad and forlorn looking, I might add. Look at that poor brown bear’s face! Boo hoo! I am finding it really, really hard to find a good balance between creating and mothering. I cannot seem to find the time in the day for both. I know I have talked (whined) about this here before, but I feel compelled to mention it again. It just baffles me why I can’t seem to find the energy or time to make a handful of cute critters. Months, it takes me, stealing moments here and there. I daydream mostly, making sketches and jotting down ideas, getting inspired. I have to plot out how I will use these stolen moments when they sneak up on me. Ready, set go! Make something as fast as I can; an arm, an ear, a dress for a bunny, before the kids wake up or someone cries out for assistance or juice, or whatever else. I have a very hard time creating under pressure. And I know I’m not the only mother/artist in this boat. We all are in it together. How do you find a balance? I feel like my JOB is to be a mom right now. I decided that it would be best to stay at home with my children, and I feel rather guilty when I am not devoting myself to that task. I know that if I really wanted to create, I would make the time for art. But when everyone is finally in their beds at night, I find all I want to do is crawl into bed myself. I used to be able to stay up late, finding that nighttime was my most creative time. Now it is my comfy jammies, good book, a bit of TV and then flat out asleep by 9:30 time.


I’ve been reading some inspiring entries on the Wish Studioblog. The series Wishmamasis very helpful and applicable, hearing other women with the same creative plight.

I am going to figure this all out. I need to take some time to recharge my creative batteries. I’m going to start working on different projects entirely when I get a few moments. I need to venture outside what I’ve been making for years to sell, and really try to do something else…something frivolous and personal and old-fashioned. Like quilts or rug hooking or crosstitch. I don’t know. I’m rambling on, but I feel a bit better, to get a little bit of that out in the open.  I hope you are all having a lovely, creative, productive day! Some cupcakes for you! (No problem finding time to bake!)


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  1. Hi Jenn-
    I can completely relate with the mothering vs. creating thing. When my two boys were little all crafting was put on hold for about 5 years! I found that decorating/fixing up my home bit by bit was about all the creative opportunity I had. Our house at the time was even too small for my craft desk and it and all my other goodies sat in the garage forlorn for the four years we lived in that little house (800 sq ft with 2 boys!)
    But it turned out to be just a season and now that my kids are 10 and 7 I have rediscovered my love for art and creativity all over again. There is so much more time when they are older, and now they even want to learn how to sew and quilt and stuff because they see how much I enjoy it! I don’t recommend stopping all the crafting like I had to do. That was how it went for me, but I REALLY appreciate the time I have now (and I homeschool them, too) I have way more energy then I did when they were younger. I would encourage you to remind yourself that it’s just a season. And as they get a little older, let them learn to entertain themselves so mom can have some creative time. It will probably benefit all of you!
    ps- your daughters are so lucky to have such a creative and talented mom who puts her girls ahead of her “career”- what a statement of love you are making!

  2. Jenn
    This is a wonderful and heartfelt post.
    I think mothering needs to come first like you said.
    What works for me in getting crafty things done is skipping around crafts and not just trying to make things to sell. Stealing time and doing what I can. Sometimes I push myself too hard.
    Take your time and take care of yourself. Two children under 5 is no easy task.

  3. Hi Jenn, I so remember those days! I do have a thought for you though.. why not hire someone (responsible teenager type) to come to your house for a few hours a couple days aweek. You can still be home and be around if really needed and that person can play with the girls. I used to do that a couple times a month. It is so hard to find balance in life.. when the kids are little and even when they are grown and mostly gone!
    Well.. good luck and happy halloween!

  4. Hi Jenn!! Love the brown bear:) I would just say take of your babies and yourself as you will find out the littles grow up soooo fast and then you will have time and energy again for crafting. Being a mom is more important:) Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. Hi Jenn! Check out if you are looking for a new, inspiring project. They have a huge selection of cross stitch patterns, I like the “sampler” section. I crochet all the time and when I went through a dull phase, I bought some really cute samplers and a bunch of these…
    Sometimes you need to have a project you can work on while curled up in bed too!

  6. I remember those days. I used to keep a journal nearby for when I had a moment or was nursing my youngest. I taped pics, postcards, color swatches in it. Scribbled little thumbnails of ideas. Sometimes I just wrote the idea down. This kept me feeling creative when there was no time to draw. I still have it and refer to it for ideas. I found I was very creative during this time. It was a very frustrating time. This period will pass and you’ll find more and more time to create. Hang in there.

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, it is very nice for me to read that crafty moms struggle to be crafty and be a mom, but it is good to hear that your kids come first, as they should. I think doing something is good because if you do nothing… which can be fine sometimes, but not permanantly… it is hard to get into the swing of things. I tend to scare away from doing projects and haven’t for a long time really. I too would love to hook a rug! I found a cool book from a library book sale that is really outdated country crafts, but some are wonderful and timeless! Some day I’m going to try something!

  8. i’ve only just read this so-close-to-my-own-heart post, two months after you wrote it, and i hope that your frustration has eased a bit. with the christmas season upon us, though, it more than likely has intensified! :) i wish that i had words of wisdom to offer, but really, so much of what you said is what i feel each day, too. and really, jenn, it makes your enchanting creatures all the more dear…the felted ones, too. ;)
    oh, and i forgot to tell you…you are amazing. :)