cozy clothes for the itty bitty ones

With the holidays approaching, I've been thinking about snuggly winter clothes, and what the girls will wear as we gather for glittery festivities and also gather around the fireplace at home on cold, snowy days.
I really like these cozy baby clothes designed byStella McCartney for Gap. I love the muted colors and the cashmere factor. Nothing says "snuggle with me!" like a baby dressed in cashmere. I personally would like some cashmere leggings to lounge around in. Wouldn't that be great? Head to toe cashmere, pants and sweater, wrapped up in a cashmere blanket and a cashmere hat and scarf and socks too. yes! Until a baby slings sweet potato or peas at you. oh well, a girl can dream. BUT these clothes for the wee littles, are pretty reasonably priced, so it might be ok if a little pea gets flung on them.

Now, I couldn't get Clara to wear these clothes, since she likes bright, bright colors, and she would think these are "boring"  But little Lillian has no choice! I also love the Jcrew girls clothes, which I never paid the slightest bit of attention to until last week. And then I couldn't stop obsessing over them. Some really cute things…like mini versions of what I would want to wear. And at about the same price as adult clothes, so that probably won't be happening around here. Oh, and I also always love Olive Juice.  Again, Clara would say "boring!" but I love them.  So oldfashioned and slightly Frenchie.  Cute, cute.

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