making and baking

Today is my dad's b'day, so I made him the best chocolate cake in the world. I think I've said it here before, but I'll say it again, Ina's, Beatty's Chocolate Cake is hands down the tastiest chocolate cake I've ever made. Moist, dark, chocolatey perfection.


After I took this picture, I remembered that I had my sugared violets  in the freezer that I made this Spring! They have been neglected and forgotten in there, crushed under peas and chicken nuggets. Only 3 survived in their entirety; the rest are merely petals, but I think they'll look nice on some cupcakes eventually.

Also, I've been sneaking in moments of productivity the past few days. I've been working on a few Christmas presents. I picked up the book Fleecie Pets by Fiona Goble quite a while ago, thinking that they would be the perfect thing to make for the girls. I can recycle a bunch of fleece clothing I have in my attic, and Lillian can chomp on them with reckless abandon. Clara loves to flip through the book, and has informed me that she wants an entire family of bears, bunnies and kitties. Preferably pink. So, I'll be making a few of these, with a variety of clothing, to put under the tree this year. The perfect project to whip up during the course of two naptimes.  I was thinking, you could probably make them out of lightweight felted sweaters also. hmmm…I'll try that next. 


Oh, also, I wanted to share two inspiring things. Check out Anna Maria Horner's new fabric. This is so, so lovely! Perfect colors, perfect vintagey floral. I love the block idea-I see curtains, a quilt, maybe. Check out the dress she made with it. I can't wait to get some of this. 
AND, as a late b'day present to myself, I purchased this print by Amanda Blake. Is it not the loveliest thing? I love it so much, my heart flutters a bit when I look at it! I adore her work.  

okay! off to finish dinner for my papa!

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