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festive ice decor

I was reminded of the awesome idea of making ice wreaths by resurrection fern . I saw this idea awhile back in Martha Stewart mag, and had it in my files, but had forgotten. So clever! All of my cranberries kind of floated to the top, and hence are on the bottom, but I think it's still pretty!


Here it yesterday, with a candle in the middle for a magical little solstice scene outside while we ate dinner. We gazed out at for a bit, but it was too windy and it blew out pretty fast.

I got so excited about this ice decor, that I made little ornaments with oranges and cranberries in muffin tins to hang on our wreaths outside, too.  They've gotten a little bit melty since the wreaths are in the sun, but they're holding on. I think this will be a new tradition, if it's cold enough at Christmas each year. Clara thought it was a hoot.





making pomanders…
But of course a pomander needs some cow stickers…

More cow than cloves!

Merry, merry! And a happy solstice to you!



Yesterday was a first birthday celebration! It was small, but festive, with just Grandparents and an Auntie, and Lil had a great time! I kept it very very simple, which I've decided is my new philosophy for birthdays. I decided to make her presents, instead of getting her a bunch of toys that she probably won't play with (plus Santa is coming!)


I made her some balls,  a wee teddy, and a #1 photo book (inspired by Lori Joy Smith's little photo books for her daughter) and embellished with a kitty from a project by Cathy Gaubert in the book Fa La La La Felt. Cathy's projects in this book are so, so cute. You can get it as an ebook now, or wait until 2010 for an actual copy.

I made Ina's Carrot Cake, which was super, super moist and yummy. Lillian was not a fan. It was her very first taste of a sweet, and she puckered up and spit it out! She is definitely more of a savory girl, for sure!


Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl! You're so, so loved by everyone, with your contagious, silly grin and your funny jibber-jabber, and your fancy dancing.    

advent calendar

Here is our advent calendar for this year. I have tons and tons of sweaters that I've felted, and stashed away in our attic. I figured it was high time I actually did something with them, as Jay is always grumbling that I have too much stuff up there (he's very concerned about the orderliness on the attic!)  So, I made some wee stockings and strung them up with mini clothespins. I debated embroidering numbers on each one, and figured that that can wait until next year, so I chintzed out and used stickers. Then we just peel them off when the day is done. There is a little bunny to hop to each day, and each stocking has a little activity in it. Although Clara has yet to care about either activity, today or yesterday. I may have to think of some better ones!