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get creative

So happy to have been interviewed for the March issue of Australia’s Get Creative magazine!

It is soooo rainy and dreary today. I am being completely lazy and spending way too much time on the internet. Here are some fun things I found…

Love this Springtime Bandana on the Purl Bee. So bright and fun and cheery.  Not being able to knit will be a hindrance, though! Someday I’ll learn.

The finger puppets by Sweet Bestiary are wonderful! Totally inspiring!

I need to get this t-shirt. Yes we can! Well, I hope I can. I’ll be trying this summer.

This Spun-Cotton Bunny by Crystal Hanehan. Last year I made her spun cotton and needle felted nest she made on Martha. I love her work!  It’s so fun to try an old craft like spun-cotton, too. Oh, if you watch that video on Martha, there’s a surprise at the end!

chocolate stout cake…disaster?

I was soooo excited to make this cake for St. Patty's Day.  But my bundt pan let me down. My trusty old bundt pan, that usually produces glossy, lovely cakes, failed me!  Or, it could have been the fact that I left my 3 year old in charge of greasing the pan.  Or it may have been that I was a bit too eager to marvel at the chocolatey gorgeousness, and hastily tried to remove it without allowing adequate cooling time.  Oh well! This is the result.

aaah!! Can I disguise the rocky crags with some glaze?

Some too-thick glaze?? I actually, really, could care less what this cake looks like, because it was soooo good! Moist and just beer-y enough. Not too sweet, but rich and perfect.  You can laugh when you look at this compared with the gorgeous cake at Smitten Kitchen. I forgive you.

Now, look at this picture my cute  husband took. He said he was going to take an artful picture for my blog. Some soda bread on moss.  hee!


woolly toys

This is a fun old book that I picked up awhile ago



Those bunnies and chicks would be super cute to put in an Easter basket!

toy storage

Oh, the toys. I try to weed them out when no one is looking, but they seem to multiply like rabbits.  I don't know what those toys are up to at night!

Check out these cute toy chests and baskets from Rice.


the little clothesline is so cute!




Oh, and isn't this fun? A little soft guitar in a floral? hee!


They have this over at OlieBollen  , but it would be a snap to make one! 

It’s nice to have a secretary…

…who makes sure to promptly deliver recipes and other very important papers from the printer…fully embellished of course!



more from Frieda

So excited to have gotten another creation made by my great-grandmother, Frieda.  It's so simple and sweet…I know just the spot I'll hang it. I do love getting these treasures. I like to think that my girls, and their children's children will cherish the things that I make. I hope so!


taco night…

…will never be the same! Jay got me a subscription to Cooks Illustrated this Christmas and things have gotten alot tastier around here. I have always been obsessed with finding the best recipe for anything (who isn't?) and I love this magazine for it's delving into the tastiest versions of  things. So far I've only had a few misses (mostly due to failure to follow the recipe properly thanks to wailing children who tend to get really feisty at dinner time!) But tons of success! The yummiest Deep Dish Pizza, awesome flaky biscuits, and lots more. But last night I made my own taco shells, which is something I never thought of doing. Super easy and completely changed my notion of tacos. A bit messy to make (I'm never so fond of frying things), but really worth it.



"recipe" here , cause you have to pay for access to the Cooks Illustrated recipes. But it's the same thing.


garden planning

It's hard to do when the garden looks like this….

But our seeds are here, and I have to start getting some seedlings going! Oh Spring, get here soon!!


We ordered most of our seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. We got a bunch of great stuff. But check out the fun spinach we got. Strawberry Spinach. It had edible berries. Weird, right?