taco night…

…will never be the same! Jay got me a subscription to Cooks Illustrated this Christmas and things have gotten alot tastier around here. I have always been obsessed with finding the best recipe for anything (who isn't?) and I love this magazine for it's delving into the tastiest versions of  things. So far I've only had a few misses (mostly due to failure to follow the recipe properly thanks to wailing children who tend to get really feisty at dinner time!) But tons of success! The yummiest Deep Dish Pizza, awesome flaky biscuits, and lots more. But last night I made my own taco shells, which is something I never thought of doing. Super easy and completely changed my notion of tacos. A bit messy to make (I'm never so fond of frying things), but really worth it.



"recipe" here , cause you have to pay for access to the Cooks Illustrated recipes. But it's the same thing.


One Response to taco night…

  1. I adore Cooks Illustrated! Everything they make really is so good. I’d forgotten that I’d seen these tacos. Because I was just wondering how hard it would be to fry my own taco shells (must have been my subconscious talking to me).
    And just so everyone knows, you can usually sign up for a 2 week trial subscription if you want to try out a specific recipe (or 10!).