chocolate stout cake…disaster?

I was soooo excited to make this cake for St. Patty's Day.  But my bundt pan let me down. My trusty old bundt pan, that usually produces glossy, lovely cakes, failed me!  Or, it could have been the fact that I left my 3 year old in charge of greasing the pan.  Or it may have been that I was a bit too eager to marvel at the chocolatey gorgeousness, and hastily tried to remove it without allowing adequate cooling time.  Oh well! This is the result.

aaah!! Can I disguise the rocky crags with some glaze?

Some too-thick glaze?? I actually, really, could care less what this cake looks like, because it was soooo good! Moist and just beer-y enough. Not too sweet, but rich and perfect.  You can laugh when you look at this compared with the gorgeous cake at Smitten Kitchen. I forgive you.

Now, look at this picture my cute  husband took. He said he was going to take an artful picture for my blog. Some soda bread on moss.  hee!


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