get creative

So happy to have been interviewed for the March issue of Australia’s Get Creative magazine!

It is soooo rainy and dreary today. I am being completely lazy and spending way too much time on the internet. Here are some fun things I found…

Love this Springtime Bandana on the Purl Bee. So bright and fun and cheery.  Not being able to knit will be a hindrance, though! Someday I’ll learn.

The finger puppets by Sweet Bestiary are wonderful! Totally inspiring!

I need to get this t-shirt. Yes we can! Well, I hope I can. I’ll be trying this summer.

This Spun-Cotton Bunny by Crystal Hanehan. Last year I made her spun cotton and needle felted nest she made on Martha. I love her work!  It’s so fun to try an old craft like spun-cotton, too. Oh, if you watch that video on Martha, there’s a surprise at the end!

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