perfect day

It is the lovely day that my soul has been craving today! I had such a black cloud following me around the past few days.  Nothing like a little sewing on some buttons in the sun and unveiling of some new yellow SaltWaters to lift the spirits!



4 Responses to perfect day

  1. yes, today is wonderful isn’t it. oh the yellow!
    i’m heading out to plant some pansies

  2. oh yeah! Today was perfect. We got a bit of the country sun when we dropped H off.
    I’ve been thinking about you lately.
    I have the same book on my shelf – the happiness project – i had to make myself stop reading until i finish my other new book, but as far as I got in I was really getting hooked!

  3. I decided on the yellow! Im so glad I did; they go with everything in a fun contrasty way. Oh, and pansies are so lovely! Maybe this year Ill stop being such a slacker and get to your place and visit!

  4. It is a wonderful day indeed. I can see that in your photos. Hope you’ll have a week full of inspiration.