inspiring healthy salad

Thought I would share this lovely, healthy salad recipe from Cynthia Lair. Her book, Feeding the Whole Family, really inspires me to eat healthier! All of the recipes in there are delicious. I keep turning to it again and again over the past year or so. 

I've been making this salad for lunch and I'll eat it for a few days. Kale (or Swiss Chard…of which we have an abundance), Fennel, Red Cabbage, Peppers, Wild Rice, Gorgonzola…yummy!

The recipe is here, Emerald City Salad.


*Pretty excited that it rained this morning, considering that I forgot to water the garden last night. One less thing to do. Because it seems to take me more and more time to do less and less lately.

*Maybe this has something to do with the 19 month old who is crying at me, right now, as I type this. Everytime I start to do something, it seems she wants my attention.

*Which brings me to my felted animals. People have been emailing me, wondering if I have ceased to make them for all eternity. I have not. I would love to get back to work! I daydream about cute little chipmunks and kitties in party hats. I can't wait until I can sit down, uninterrupted, full of undisturbed inspiration, and get back to being creative. I am shooting for this week! :) Yes! Thinking positive.

*Although baby is still crying, hanging on my leg.


2 Responses to inspiring healthy salad

  1. its hard sometimes to fit creating into our daily lives.. especially if we have little kids, which I dont anymore. I seem to have to choose between, computer time, exercising, reading or creating! And thats after working all day, cleaning, cooking, laundry, you know what I mean!! such a very hard decision to make.. and really? mostly I would just like to create pretty much nonstop!
    cant wait to see new creations from you though. I hope you find some time soon.
    have a great night

  2. Jenn it will get better.Sometimes when they’re small it seems as if time passes so slowly and you think it will never end.But as they get older it gets better.It really does.And now that I’m a grandparent it flys by.Enjoy the simple small things that happen everyday.