There is a gorgeous field of sunflowers down the street. We pass it everyday on our way to summer camp, and there are always tons of cars stopped, with people taking pictures. Such a lovely sight. Funny how such a thing can bring together random, busy people, all willing to stop on the side of the road to appreciate a simple thing of joy and beauty. This field reminds me of my trip to France, after my senior year of high school. Liz was there, too. There were fields of sunflowers and fields of lavendar everywhere.  If we ever get a farm, a field of sunflowers will surely be a necessity.




4 Responses to sunflowers

  1. Lucky you- that’s beautiful!
    Love the picture with your daughter hamming it up.

  2. wow! so neat to live near a field of sunflowers
    i only saw fields of sunflowers once in Italy but they were past bloom.

  3. oh, France…what a nice thought on this dreary Friday. I’m trying to figure out where this is…I’ll have to seek it out and take some pictures as well. Flowers are the best. They make anyone happy, and if not then they’re just a grump now aren’t they?
    (clara! :)

  4. theres a field like that a few miles from here too.. Years ago I made all four of my kids dress up in overalls and took their pics there. I have them hanging up at work still! Keep enjoying your summer time!