We were amazed to watch this transformation over the past few days…from caterpillar found on a carrot plant, to gorgeous Black Swallowtail! I remember capturing caterpillars as a kid, but I don't recall them ever actually making their chrysalis and emerging as butterfly. We got this one at just the right moment; after a couple of hours in the bug house, he began to make his chrysalis. Such a simple thing, but som agical and amazing! He made his grand debut in the garden yesterday afternoon! Hopefully he's settling in nicely with his butterfly friends… Yep, it's the simple things! :)


3 Responses to magical!

  1. It sure is. That is one beautiful butterfly

  2. This is definitely magical! I took a picture of a beautiful dragonfly on the porch of Piddlestixs!
    Magic and Joy,

  3. How pretty!!! Such a magical moment!