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 Hope you have a spooky weekend filled with treats! We are attending a wee one's spider themed 2nd birthday this weekend (which happens to fall on Halloween!) Everyone was asked to bring a spider, so wait till I show the spidery chap I made! And later there will be cookie & caramel apple making with aunties & grandma. And of course trick or treating!

Have a Happy Halloween!


cath kidston

I was pretty darn excited when I realized that Cath Kidston's US shop is up and running.




The trouble for me is that I have two daughters and, I'm sorry, but how can one resist ? The big one can wear things now and the younger one can wear them in years to come. Perfectly logical!  


Now in my etsy shop




Halloween friends coming soon!

Indeed, I do still sometimes manage to make animals!! And I have a few new critters almost ready to head out into the world just in time for Halloween!!


I will be dusting off Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe to sell these guys. I hope that you'll come take a peek! Just getting back into the swing of things and making these, has got me back in a making mood, andI'm already starting Christmas animals, way ahead of schedule for my procrastinating self!!