Halloween friends coming soon!

Indeed, I do still sometimes manage to make animals!! And I have a few new critters almost ready to head out into the world just in time for Halloween!!


I will be dusting off Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe to sell these guys. I hope that you'll come take a peek! Just getting back into the swing of things and making these, has got me back in a making mood, andI'm already starting Christmas animals, way ahead of schedule for my procrastinating self!!


6 Responses to Halloween friends coming soon!

  1. I love this cat with bat wings.
    Happy weekend to you

  2. I am a huge fan of yours! I just recently updated my etsy too!

  3. yay! Exciting! Hopefully you’ll remind us again ;-)

  4. oh so cute! I see there’s not one single thing in the shop … looking forward to what you’ll be putting in there!

  5. elma riedstra

    I can’t wait!!! Still wanting a cow:)

  6. oh poo. I just now ‘membered and of course–TOO LATE! They were really darling Jen. Good work. :-)