Hope you have a spooky weekend filled with treats! We are attending a wee one's spider themed 2nd birthday this weekend (which happens to fall on Halloween!) Everyone was asked to bring a spider, so wait till I show the spidery chap I made! And later there will be cookie & caramel apple making with aunties & grandma. And of course trick or treating!

Have a Happy Halloween!


4 Responses to Ghosties…

  1. So sweet and whispy!! Love them!! ~ farah

  2. ooooh!!! i’m smiling so big and hoping this is hinting at a new for us feltie!!! (of course I’ll try to exclaim just as much glee if it’s just a rubbery one)

  3. Jeanne Miller

    Things are so scary these days that I hate to take my little girls to the stores. We do a trunk or treat at our church so I don’t have to worry about scary houses for them because that’s about all the attention span they have on a cold night for candy solicitation. Anyway, I always really appreciate the cute fun stuff that doesn’t make anyone cry!

  4. Those must be the most adorable little ghosts ever!
    Happy Halloween to you too, if a day late. :)