makin’ cookies

Yesterday, on yet another snow day, we baked Valentine’s Day cookies. It may have something to do with all the pink that’s involved, but my daughter claims that this is her favorite holiday.

Some cookies didn’t make it to the frosting stage. I stepped out of the room for two seconds, and here was the little one’s wee pile of bitten cookies.
I was astonished at the power of beet juice to tint the frosting a gorgeous pink! I was bummed about using any creepy Red 40 or other vile food coloring, and happened to have one beet in the fridge. So I grated it up and squeezed out a few drops of the juice, and wow! Super pink! I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. SO much better, and no bitter food coloring taste. I wonder if I could use it to tint sanding sugar and sprinkles? hmmmm…worth a shot. I suppose if I ever decide to make the awesome
rainbow cake, I’ll have to resort to artificial color, but one cake won’t hurt. 
 Now to resist eating one of those giant hearts to accompany my coffee. 

*Oh, and if you’re looking for some good ideas for Valentine’s Day,  The Crafty Crow has tons of great ideas. I will definitely be referring to it, as every day there is a request for a Valentine’s craft.

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