My gallery page is finally up, so you can reminisce about critters from days gone by! I’m particularly fond of the chubby little cats, which I feel like I haven’t made in awhile. I might have to felt up a new batch of kitties…I miss those little ones! I wonder where they are today…??  

9 Responses to gallery

  1. Yay! (Sorry I’m such a nerd, I’ve been following you for a while now and I always like going back and seeing the older work of people I follow!)

  2. I too love seeing the whole collection and the kitties are adorable. My friend Kim and I one time also spoke of the absolutely perfect names you give to them.

  3. Soo sweet Jenny!!! Clarice

  4. jenn, these are really sweet and utterly beautiful! and look at you – you have a book that I NEED TO CHECK OUT ASAP!!!

  5. oops, i accidentally wrote your name instead of mine on my last email. sorry. teri

  6. dang..did it again.

  7. Those needle felted animals are adorable.