While doing a cleanup of my workspace for an upcoming book feature, I discovered this Gladys Peto, Thumbelina, silk handkerchief that I had purchased a few years ago and sort of forgotten about. I adore the illustrations of Gladys Peto, and I have a collection of her books. A few years ago, I was constantly on the lookout for other things featuring her images; hankies, china, she even designed her own fabric line at the time, but doubtful that I would ever uncover any of that!! Her books and items featuring her illustrations are pretty rare, so I kind of gave up the hunt. Even info on her at the time was scarce.  Finding this hankie sparked my interest again,  and lo and behold I discovered that now there is a blog with lots of info and pictures of her work! It hasn’t been updated for awhile, but it was a gem to find, and I loved seeing such a vast collection!

so lovely, and so quintessentially 20s/30s.
On a different note, I wanted to mention that the workshop I was going to be doing in April has been cancelled, so my apologies to anyone who signed up. I hope to do another workshop someday! This time around there were just some communication problems and scheduling difficulties.
And in case you need one last hurrah before a summertime-skimpy-dress -wearing-imposed-diet, you must make these cookies. Holy moly. They’re to die for. The ultimate rich, chocolatey cookie. I almost did croak after eating 3.
Now it’s nothing but quinoa and kale until summer.

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