Monthly Archives: June 2011


There was a pleasant surprise this weekend…Earth Angels had a show and sale in my very own little town. I can never escape unscathed.

A charming pinkeep by Kim Stout, and hmmm…what’s that in the background?

Oh, it’s only the most adorable watercolor by Krys Kirkpatrick! Check out her blog, for sure. Serious cuteness happening over there. I also brought home a doll by Valerie Weberpal and something else that is classified. ;)
Earth Angels, much to my wallet’s chagrin, I hope you come back next year!!

simple things

In an effort to renew my blogging motivation, and to keep things easy, I think I’ll make Fridays a day devoted to simplicity. This time of year, there are so many small pleasures to find yourself delighted by….

fresh eggies from pop-pop’s farm.

big fat radishes.

spending all day trekking around to antique stores, only to realize that the best ones are down the street. Ironstone plates and bowls purchased there for a super price.
have a lovely weekend!


why hello…

Can you tell that my mommy cuts my bangs?


One of the benefits of living in an old home is having your own treasure trove, aka, the dump of a bygone era. I would imagine if you start digging around any home from the 1800s, you are likely to eventually come across exciting old garbage. We have a giant stash in the woods behind our house. I haven’t really even begun to scratch the surface, but after only about 10 mins of digging, here are some relics that were unearthed…