One of the benefits of living in an old home is having your own treasure trove, aka, the dump of a bygone era. I would imagine if you start digging around any home from the 1800s, you are likely to eventually come across exciting old garbage. We have a giant stash in the woods behind our house. I haven’t really even begun to scratch the surface, but after only about 10 mins of digging, here are some relics that were unearthed…

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  1. Isn’t that so cool??? We have it to by us when Al dug up a field he found a ton of junk even and old wash machine. Of course the farmers around here just dig a huge hole and just dump everything in it.

  2. That is really neat. I love old glass bottles and the china is a pretty neat find. I bet some of the others could look pretty amazing in the garden.
    See you in a few weeks!

  3. Lucky you!
    My house is only from the ’20s, so I haven’t found anything more than an old book of matches. Those are truly beautiful treasures~

  4. Neat stuff – my last home, built in the 20s had a similar stash of bottles & such, and a hand crank washing machine! It was fun. So funny to see the shard from Glenville, NY – I grew up next to that town! Interesting to see things like that have traveled.

  5. AMAZING FINDS in your own property! keep on digging!!! looking forward to seeing more of your discoveries!