simple things

In an effort to renew my blogging motivation, and to keep things easy, I think I’ll make Fridays a day devoted to simplicity. This time of year, there are so many small pleasures to find yourself delighted by….

fresh eggies from pop-pop’s farm.

big fat radishes.

spending all day trekking around to antique stores, only to realize that the best ones are down the street. Ironstone plates and bowls purchased there for a super price.
have a lovely weekend!


5 Responses to simple things

  1. tammy marine

    How long does it take for you to make a figure? Just curious! I love your work!

    • hi tammy,
      it takes about 3-4 hours per piece, sometimes more, spread out over a few days. I rarely sit down and finish something all in one go.

      • tammy marine

        Do you know when you will get your Halloween pieces done? Also, do you use embrodiery thread for the stitching on the faces? I try to do that on mine but I just can’t seem to get the stiching right – mayne it is the thread I am using….BTW, I recently saw you on Martha Stewart and so I bought your book – you are inspiring me and I appreciate your work! :)

        • Tammy, Thank you so much! I am not 100% sure I’ll have Halloween pieces this year. I am sort of on a break from making the animals (motherhood!! It wears me out!) I would love to get back into the swing of things. If I do make them, I’ll send out a email to everyone on my mailing list with the date. Oh, and I do sometimes use embroidery thread for the faces, and other times I use a silky sort of upholstery thread. take care!

  2. ahh…simplicity – that is my mantra these days.
    your ironstone dishes are a great find!