why, hello

well, perhaps it’s a sign that after months without a peep from me, I finally sit down to blog, compose my little post, and when I go to publish it, it vanishes!! So, I’ll try again! ;)
I thought that it was high time that I checked in. The summer whizzed by, in its usual fashion. We managed to have a lovely time, before it was cut short by rain, and more rain and yet more rain. We had a few perfect river days, a trip to the beach, a 5th birthday, lots of time visiting with family and friends; we even managed to squeeze in a solo overnight trip. And now it’s that delicious time of year…autumn! And with that little zing in the air, I decided that maybe I should drop by and say hello again. Fall always makes me feel more cozy, nesty, bloggy.

Todays lunch was grass soup (and a fried egg), artfully prepared and splendidly presented by Clara, who had the day off from Kindergarten.

We made some leaf garlands…

We even managed to get some garden time in, harvesting kale and swiss chard (there’s still quite alot out there!) and freezing it. I pickled the chard stems, hmmm…interesting! And behold…we have carrots!! Every year we try carrots to no avail. They’re usually scary little deformed nubs, but this year, we had success! These are some fancy red variety of which I can’t recall the name.


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