cat hair

My husband has always told me that I should needle felt cat hair. As in, people could send me their precious kitty’s tufts, and I could create some oddly sentimental keepsake. Well, I thought this to be a preposterous notion, but clearly not in Japan!
There are 3 volumes of these books! Who would have thought?! I guess hubby was onto something.

You can buy them on etsy, of course, here, here, and here. If you’re so inclined.

2 Responses to cat hair

  1. Ew. I have four cats; I love them dearly, but the thought of needle felting their fur…:-?

  2. Love it! I’ve often wondered about such projects myself when combing out my kitties. Wonder if any of these books cover what to do about all that cat dandruff, though. :)