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why hello…

Can you tell that my mommy cuts my bangs?


One of the benefits of living in an old home is having your own treasure trove, aka, the dump of a bygone era. I would imagine if you start digging around any home from the 1800s, you are likely to eventually come across exciting old garbage. We have a giant stash in the woods behind our house. I haven’t really even begun to scratch the surface, but after only about 10 mins of digging, here are some relics that were unearthed…


Here are some of the flowers that brightened my day today…(among other things!)

This is my own sweet mama looking so lovely and happy!
Happy Mother’s Day!

mouse house

I just discovered this site,  MousesHouses, the website of artist Maggie Rudy. Good lord. It is adorable. My miniature loving, critter obsessed dreams come true. She has a video of her workspace and process in making her book (yes, a book! eep!):

I have always wanted to make a book with my animals, but I don’t think I could even come close to this. I have to order it today!

Have you seen Dinner for Schmucks, where Steve Carell makes teeny little miniature worlds for his taxidermy mice. Love that. Worth seeing the movie just so you can check out those little guys.


While doing a cleanup of my workspace for an upcoming book feature, I discovered this Gladys Peto, Thumbelina, silk handkerchief that I had purchased a few years ago and sort of forgotten about. I adore the illustrations of Gladys Peto, and I have a collection of her books. A few years ago, I was constantly on the lookout for other things featuring her images; hankies, china, she even designed her own fabric line at the time, but doubtful that I would ever uncover any of that!! Her books and items featuring her illustrations are pretty rare, so I kind of gave up the hunt. Even info on her at the time was scarce.  Finding this hankie sparked my interest again,  and lo and behold I discovered that now there is a blog with lots of info and pictures of her work! It hasn’t been updated for awhile, but it was a gem to find, and I loved seeing such a vast collection!

so lovely, and so quintessentially 20s/30s.
On a different note, I wanted to mention that the workshop I was going to be doing in April has been cancelled, so my apologies to anyone who signed up. I hope to do another workshop someday! This time around there were just some communication problems and scheduling difficulties.
And in case you need one last hurrah before a summertime-skimpy-dress -wearing-imposed-diet, you must make these cookies. Holy moly. They’re to die for. The ultimate rich, chocolatey cookie. I almost did croak after eating 3.
Now it’s nothing but quinoa and kale until summer.


-This morning, Lil and I visited a local greenhouse that grows leafy greens hydroponically. We picked up some baby bok choy and some swiss chard. When we got them home, they looked so pretty that I decided to replace the bouquet of Valentine’s roses that were in the middle of the table, with a bouquet of green yumminess. My ode to Spring. Can’t wait to get out there this year and grow stuff to eat!!!

-Trying to organize my “workspace” for an upcoming book feature, and am having a heck of a time getting it to look halfway decent. It’s just so small. I love to look at everyone’s spaces, though, no matter how cluttered or small they may be, so I’m hoping everyone feels the same out there.

-Trying to demystify the process of flocking. I adore these miniature animals & dioramas and would love to try my hand at making some. I think that in my future, I have plans to get really nerdy with dollhouses and miniatures. Just a warning.


My gallery page is finally up, so you can reminisce about critters from days gone by! I’m particularly fond of the chubby little cats, which I feel like I haven’t made in awhile. I might have to felt up a new batch of kitties…I miss those little ones! I wonder where they are today…??  


Now this is my kind of Valentine’s Day “whoopie!” woo!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

inspired ideas…

I was so pleased when Amy Powers asked me to contribute a project to the Spring issue of Inspired Ideas! This magazine is always so packed with fantastic artists, so I was thrilled to be a part of it!

Here’s my little love buggie fellow!
Definitely check out the magazine for tons of great ideas for Valentine’s Day, Easter & Spring!
* There is also a special project page, here,  in case you have any questions or comments about this project or any of the others in the magazine. *

makin’ cookies

Yesterday, on yet another snow day, we baked Valentine’s Day cookies. It may have something to do with all the pink that’s involved, but my daughter claims that this is her favorite holiday.

Some cookies didn’t make it to the frosting stage. I stepped out of the room for two seconds, and here was the little one’s wee pile of bitten cookies.
I was astonished at the power of beet juice to tint the frosting a gorgeous pink! I was bummed about using any creepy Red 40 or other vile food coloring, and happened to have one beet in the fridge. So I grated it up and squeezed out a few drops of the juice, and wow! Super pink! I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. SO much better, and no bitter food coloring taste. I wonder if I could use it to tint sanding sugar and sprinkles? hmmmm…worth a shot. I suppose if I ever decide to make the awesome
rainbow cake, I’ll have to resort to artificial color, but one cake won’t hurt. 
 Now to resist eating one of those giant hearts to accompany my coffee. 

*Oh, and if you’re looking for some good ideas for Valentine’s Day,  The Crafty Crow has tons of great ideas. I will definitely be referring to it, as every day there is a request for a Valentine’s craft.