It’s a giveaway!!

To celebrate the fabulous book, We Make Dolls, I’m having my first ever giveaway! One lucky person will win Poppy the Pig! It’s the actual piggie featured in the book! Just leave a comment right here on my blog, and I will pick a winner on Friday, Aug 3rd at 8 am (EST). Be sure to include your email address! I’ll announce the winner on Friday morning! Hip hip hooray!

Comments are now closed….I’ll announce the winner today (8/3) :)Thanks for entering!

129 Responses to It’s a giveaway!!

  1. I would absolutely love to win Poppy. She is adorable:)


  2. Poppy is too cute! I would love to have her come live with me!


  3. Lee Leissring

    Poppy the pig is super cute…I would love to own her…
    love your work.

  4. oh my gosh, she makes me weep (and squeal) a little. i would take very good care of poppy if she came to live with me :)

  5. Poppy is extra adorable and would gladly be welcomed to sit in my hobby room to be admired while I sit nearby crafting.

  6. how sweet! would love to win this darling piggy!

    danielle muller

  7. Poppy is just charming! I have a thing for pigs. I’d love Poppy and I know she’d get along with all of my other piggy friends.

  8. Oh, I’d love to have Poppy come live with me! I also am dying to check out that book – it looks fabulous! How exciting!

  9. Poppy is adorable and would make me so happy!

  10. congrats on the new book – that’s pretty exciting! Poppy is very darling and also famous! thank you for offering to share your cute little creations with us by giving your precious art away. count me in!


  11. What a wonderful giveaway!! Congrats on the new book too!! I would so love to win Poppy the Pig! I have collected pigs for years!! this would be so grand to be able to win Poppy! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Nancy Haver

    I would love to win your Piggy giveaway,we have had a sad week,luckily Grandma D is improving and my youngest brother just found out he has kidney cancer,your dolls give Uncle B and I so much pleasure-really lifts our spirits,congrats on the book.

  13. Congrats on the new book Jenn! Poppy is adorable and I love her polka dot dress!

  14. oooh yes. Poppy would look so cute in the art room at school! hope to win!

  15. soo cute-would love to give her a home,
    i used to needlefelt too until I had a little person,its hard to get anything creative done around little ones isnt it!!so to win poppy would be a real treat for me =)

  16. Congrats on the new book! I would definitely live to give Poppy a home.

  17. Ohhhh, how I love her and all of your felted creations :)

  18. Julie G. Baxley

    If pigs can fly, Poppy will be flying to some lucky home; hope it’s mine! Love your work Jenn!

  19. Cheryl Galbraith

    That is such a sweet creation. I am learning to make dolls too, hope my handiwork looks as well accomplished as yours. Wish you make a million with your book!

  20. Awwww, she’s too cute … me me me I want!!!!

  21. Valerie King

    My first, and so far only, “Jenn doll” was a gift from my neice Kiersten. I love it. I know she would love a friend to keep her company. Cats and pigs get along so well. :)

  22. Kimberly Wood

    Aw, Poppy is adorable! And I’d love to win her – my daughter was born in the Year of the Pig so piggies have a special place in our home. ;-)

  23. Poppy is the sweetest!! Congrats on the new book.

  24. Jenn, you are so awesome! Poppy is the cutest! My sister-in-law would adore her, as she loves pigs. If I won Poppy, she’d make a great present for her upcoming birthday. As always, I love your work. : )

  25. Poppy, the perfect name for an absolutely precious pig! Keeping my fingers crossed! (toes, too!)

  26. I think Poppy wants to come live with me :). I love the new book! Ordered ASAP when I saw it. Well done, Jenn!

  27. She is lovely!

  28. Brenda Forshee

    Poppy is so cute! She would look great in my nursery!

  29. Julie McDermott

    This little pig is so sweet! Would love to have her come live with me!!

  30. Paula Smith

    You know I’m in love with wool felted things and this is
    so adorable, love the added touch with her holding a
    balloon. Glad to also see you came out with a new book and will have to get that one too.
    I’m a big fan! Thanks for all your creative animals!

  31. Polly Stevenson

    Jenn–your talent and now your generosity overwhelms me. I own and run a specialty toy shop and I am always amazed by things that people are able to create. I purchased your book and thought I would give felting a shot, but my talent lies much more in just admiring the handiwork. Poppy will make someone very happy :)

    • Ella and Honor Warburg

      Dear Miss Jenn,
      My name is Ella and I am 12 years old, with a sister, Honor who is almost 8. My mom (who also loves your stuff), Honor and I all love felting and have your book, Sweet Needle Felts. We have made many of your super-cute creations and play with them all the time! We even make houses, clothes and names for all of our animals! Poppy is so cute and we’d LOVE it if she’d join our collection of fuzzy friends! Thank you for making us feel creative and inspired by felting.

      Your friend, Ella

  32. Jenn..I am so excited you are going to be in a new book…you deserve it. I am keeping my fingers crossed I will be winner since my birthday is August 2nd and winning Poppy would be the licking on the cake…she is adorable and needs to come join all my stuffies.


  33. She is so ready for a party! Or a trip. If I win her I shall take her on both …

  34. Poppy would be received with love, adoration, and yes, reverence, in our household!

  35. Poppy would be received with adoration and yes, reverence, in our household!

  36. love!

  37. You have really inspired me. I love little Miss Poppy!

  38. I love your little Poppy the Pig! And I love needle felting, but I’m mostly stuck with making bears, sheep and dogs. Poppy is the cutest little piggy I have ever seen, your work is beautiful! You dressed her up so sweet…who wouldn’t want to own her? I, for one would! :)
    Good luck to the happy winner!!!!

  39. RoseAnn Parsons

    Jenn, Congratulations! I know Granny would be so proud. Poppy is wonderful.

  40. I love your little Poppy the Pig! And I love needle felting, but I’m mostly stuck with making bears, sheep and dogs. Poppy is the cutest little piggy I have ever seen, your work is beautiful! You dressed her up so sweet…who wouldn’t want to own her? I, for one would! :)
    Good luck to the happy winner!!!!

  41. Julie Moyer

    Dear Jenn, I have loved your little critters for years!! Poppy would fit right in on our hog farm in Wisconsin. She won’t be lonely with all the other pigs we have here on the farm!!

  42. Debby Campbell

    I just love your work! It’s so sweet and heart-warming! Thank you for sharing your gift with us all!!! :)

  43. Poppy is darling! She would have a warm and cozy place to live here with me. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your book.

  44. I love pigs. I never win a thing, but I really want this cute little piggy.

  45. She’s so sweet! Love Her!

  46. I’d be thrilled to welcome sweet Poppy into my home. What a perfect model to grace the spine of the new book!

  47. Love Poppy and her cute dress and would love for her to come here!! I would love to see you make a rooster or a chicken. So how are your kids doing ? Growing??? SO nice to see you are back:)

  48. Poppy is adorable and my daughter who collects all kinds of pigs would love this!

  49. Poppy is such a sweet piggy.:0)

  50. Oh yes I would love to win Poppy, she would be so welcomed in my Studio~ fingers crossed

  51. This is so lovely! I would love to have her! I love pigs the most. laurensmashtoys (at) yahoo (dot) com

  52. Nancy Davidon

    Your work is so sweet. Poppy will be well-taken care of on my hobby table if I win!

  53. gina navratil

    This would make the perfect surprise birthday presant for my grandaughter Bella. She loves Peppa the pig on Public tv. I don’t get to see them very often so this would help her remember the grandma that is not there all the time. Please consider Bella. Thank you!

  54. oh! so precious! and the mermaid kitty you made, that is sitting in a place of honor in my daughter’s room, would so love a little piggy friend…

  55. Jen, Great to hear from you and Poppy about your new (must have ) book – congrats! When the Celeb ‘Poppy the Pig’, has finished signing all the books and autographs (in your behalf), she is welcome to stay with me as long as she’d like!

  56. I just know this little piggy would find a loving place in my home !!!!
    Congratulations on a beautiful book.

  57. Jenn…Poppy the Pig takes me back to my childhood with fond memories of my dolls and stuffed animals. It was a time when such simple thing meant alot to me. The pig is a symbol here in Cincinnati – so Poppy would fit in here at home. I adore your work and I love your book.

    Congrats to you on your new published book!

  58. Veronica Rinker

    Beautiful Piggy, and beautiful book.

  59. Terri Arredondo

    I am so excited to hear from you. I was just thinking about you the other day coming across my felting tools. Poppy is so adorable, I love you work. Look forward to checking out your new book.

  60. Poppy is so sweet!

  61. i used to collect pigs as a child..TONS of pigs. i kept my favorte 20 or so stuffed pigs for my one-day kids and now my son loves them. i told people to STOP buying me pigs about 15 years ago, but THIS one is too cute to pass up. and i LOVE her name—POPPY!

  62. Poppy is ADORBZ! I’d love to give her a happy home!

  63. Poppy the pig is adorable!

  64. Oh, Jenn! How exciting! And thanks for bringing the book to my attention :0) It looks like a “must have” for the craft library here!

    Poppy is incredibly sweet – love that little pink nose!

  65. Oh, she is so precious! I would smile every day when I would see her!

  66. I would love to give Poppy a nice home. So adorable. I need to get your new books. How exciting.

  67. Love her! mom2samnjaz@sbcglobal DOT net Debbbie

  68. Throw my name into the hat, please! I loved seeing your darling pig on the spine of the book, too, so clever :)

  69. Poppy the pig is perfect!!

  70. Antonella (logos63)

    …Poppy is pure delight and it would be simply great if she became a new Italian citizen…well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it, and thanks so much for this generous chance! :o)

  71. Kathy Hansbarger

    I need this pig. It’s not a want, it’s a need :). Just adorable! lol makes me smile!!!!!!!!!

  72. Sooo cute! I just got my Sweet Needle Felts book out the other day to show my sister-in-law needle felting. Poppy would be great inspiration for us! I’ll definitely have to look into the doll book too. I recognized dolls on the cover of artists, including yourself, whom I’ve admired for quite a while!

  73. Poppy is a delight! She would be so loved and cuddled. I have a special place just for her. Your work is fabulous and it would be an honor to call Poppy my own.

  74. She would be a lovely addition to our other farm animal toys and figurines! Oink Oink!!!

  75. She would make a lovely addition to our farm animal friends! Oink Oink!!

  76. So great to hear from you and even better for a chance to win poppy! As always, I love your little critters and would love to take poppy home. Thank you.

  77. Eep! Poppy is so cute! I’d love to own her! Your work is amazing! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  78. I adore Poppy. She’s named after my little dog.

  79. Linda Gordon

    If I were lucky enough to win Miss Poppy,I would have a tea party in her honor. All the guests would share in a show & tell and I am sure Miss Poppy would display her special balloon. Then we would all have a cupcake with a pink rose on top to welcome her to our playtime group. I know Miss Poppy would be loved by all.

  80. Sharon Boyer

    What a wonderful giveaway. Miss Poppy is adorable and I would give her a good home. Sharon

  81. Laurie Fujikawa

    Poppy is adorable! She would be a nice companion to pink ele I have from you! =)

  82. Laraine Hasegawa

    My daughter loves your work! Crossing my fingers!!!

  83. How cute! I would love to give Poppy a good home with the rest of the little piggies I’ve been collecting over the years(plus it’s my birthday!).

  84. I have loved your creations since seeing you on Martha Stewart when I was on Maternity leave. I actually contacted you to find out if you gave classes. I use to ve so crafty but life has put that on hold. When I saw Poppy it just sparked my desire to start crafting again. I know you have not sold your beautiful creations on Etsy in a while. As a reading specialist I read many pig stories- poppleton, fairy tales, etc. Poppy would make a special friend in my classroom. Fingers crossed!!!
    jc724& And if you do ever give classes–so interested in learning how to felt your characters.

  85. What a cute doll – the ones on the farm were “cute” but not like this!

  86. How sweet little Poppy looks with her little blue balloon!

  87. That Adorable lil piggy,…….wants to go …..weeeee,weeeee,weeeee,……all the way to MY HOME !!! :-) :-) :-)

  88. Renee MacDonald

    She’s a cutie! Would love to have her come stay with me! Love your work Jen, keep it up!

  89. Renee MacDonald

    She’s a cutie! Love you work Jen. Thanks for sharing!

  90. This is the most adorable pig ever!

  91. Truly, I adore this wee piggy and would love her company in the studio – but even more – I am a fan because I love that you are girl trying to balance living a creative life with raising your family and keeping up with the drudgery all mom’s must endure (with grace!). Thanks for being a kindred spirit!

  92. Poppy’s polka dot dress is darling and the balloon adds a bit of whimsy… Oink, Oink

  93. This is the best giveaway ever! I have the perfect place for Poppy the Pig and would love to welcome her into our home! Thanks for the chance – love your work! xo

  94. LOVE!! So glad you have a new book!

  95. Delilah Fiechter

    I would love to win this adorable pink pig.
    Thank you for the chance of winning her.

  96. I love that you’re “back” and that there’s a book. Poppy is so cute and I love your creations, here’s crossing my fingers!

  97. I ♥ happy mail in my inbox! Congrats on the new book & the chance to give the super adorable Poppy the Pig a loving new place to dwell!

  98. Huge big congratulations on the new book, it looks brilliant! Also a huge big thank you for having such a generous giveaway to celebrate it.

  99. Suzette Zwierzynski

    Dear Jenn, Your creative talents continue to stir my interest in dear little creatures made out of needle felting wool. How sweet can she be, Poppy is so adorable. I have been following you for several years, I continute to be amazed by your attention to details including the delightful faces of your little darlings. Thank you for providing so much enjoyment to others. :D Three cheers for Poppy!

  100. Wow Jenn, what an awesome giveaway! Please enter me for a chance to win Poppy – she’s adorable & it would be an honor to own one of your creations :) Thanks for your generosity – you are going to make someone VERY happy!
    Smiles, DianeM

  101. Nicole Smelstor

    Oh Poppy…You are a charmer. I have a very lovely little piggy collector that would just adore you.

  102. just love your creations! poppy the pig is just lovely!
    thanks for your generosity!
    kiss, kiss

  103. I would love this little piggy! My email is: elenakpohl at gmail dot com. Thank you!

  104. Nicole Wilson

    So cute! Congratulations on the new book!

  105. Hi Jenn, I love your little creations, with their individual characters and personalities.

  106. Jodie Dinelli

    Pick me, pick me!!! Your work is wonderful and inspiring, thank you for sharing!

  107. Hi Jenn!
    Your work is FABULOUS! Thanks for hosting this give away, I sure hope that I win!
    Cheers, Jill

  108. Victoria Lum

    Have the book. Love the pig!
    Just in case, should I start making one…?


  110. love…love…love… poppy, please come live with me! :)

  111. Poppy is sooooo cute!! :) I love your creativity.

  112. I love the book! and you are so amazing!

  113. Lisa Taunton

    I would LOVE to win Poppy! She’s so adorable. I’d give her to my mother-in-law, she just adores pigs.

  114. What a fabulous giveaway!!! One word to describe Poppy – PRECIOUS!!

  115. Crossing my fingers for Poppy to come live with me….

  116. Wow! She is adorable and Scarlet loves pigs

  117. EEEEKKKK Poppy the Piggy is sooo cute and would love to live in my home!!! Big hugs

  118. oh please…hand in the air…please include me!! poppy is delightful. i would love to come and live with us :) fingers and toes crossed. xx kelly

  119. Hi Jen-

    I would so love to have Poppy- pigs used to be my favorite animal back in my High School days . . . I say ‘used to’ because my well meaning family bought me anything and everything with a pig on it and a good deal were just not that cute! I had to declare them ‘no longer wanted’ to preserve my sanity. But Poppy is darling and would be greatly treasured. . .

    Jen Hicks :)

  120. Jenn Bontrager

    Oh what a cute little piggy wig. When I was a little girl I loved the Amanda pig books and she reiminds me of her. Please enter me in your drawing and could I get some more info about doing a custom order? Thanks so much Jenn

  121. Suzanne Ellis-Kelly

    Pigs…pigs…pigs ~ That’s all my nine year old daughter, Kate, loves to cuddle and collect. Your darling Poppy would be well loved and appreciated by my sweet Kate! Thanks!
    Suzanne (and Kate too!)

  122. I love your craft and i can’t wait for this book! Poppy is adorable!

  123. vanessa mayer

    You do such amazing and beautiful work. I only wish I had time to be as creative as you. I’d love to display Poppy in my newborns room. I think it would make a wonderful addition to the vintage look and something she can treasure for many years to come. Congrats on being published!

  124. Oh how cute Poppy and her friends are! I would love to win her and will probably end up with this book as I’ve been wanting to try needle felting.

  125. For as long as I remember, whatever i think is pretty or beautiful, my husband never agrees.
    However, today my husband actually says Poppy is adorable.
    My 3years old, Ian also says its soo.. cute.
    Congratulation Jenn, you have done it again.
    If ever we are so lucky to have Poppy to live with us.
    I will make her feel at home and send you pictures of Poppy at her new home =)

  126. Leslie Hanson

    Poppy is wonderful!!