Wee Felt Worlds! (and a giveaway!)

Hello blog friends!! Glad to see you haven’t given up on me! I have been in hiding for awhile, trying to avoid winter. Attempting to learn how to knit, wasting hours on Pinterest, suffering on a sugar detox. The usual winter past-times! :)
I am emerging from my cave for an exciting announcement! The book, Wee Felt Worlds, by Lark,  has been released, and I am so happy to be a part of it, and super thrilled to have my wee camping scene on the cover!

You have to love that adorable pink alien creeping up behind a bush! There are lots of fun mish mashed scenes like this in the book!
The book includes 50 mini projects to make, to complete cute little sets, such as my camping scene (aptly titled Little Cub’s Adventure!),  Land of Dinosaurs,  Circus Maximus, Sweet Shoppe, Silly Science Lab, Wooly Woodland, and more! There are lots of talented artists featured; Cathy Gaubert, Michelle Kiker, Chrissy Mahuna, Heide Murray & Aimee Ray!

In honor of the book’s release Lark is providing a copy for a lucky reader! Just leave a comment here by the 28th (12 noon EST) and I’ll randomly choose a winner! The winner is Jennie Hicks!http://alltheseasonshours.blogspot.com/
ALSO, if you head over to the Lark Crafts blog they are having lots of fun giveaways, including the current one, which is a create a caption contest for one of the silly scenes in the book:

8 Responses to Wee Felt Worlds! (and a giveaway!)

  1. Beautiful! Congratulations! I’ve only made hearts and small flowers with needle felting – would love to learn more! xo

  2. Your little camping bear is so sweet.Nice to see you.

  3. The pink alien is so cute. And from the looks of his smile, really friendly too.

    Beautiful little scene, and such a roaring fire! wow…

  4. Wee are soooo happy to see you back, felt lost without your blog to read

  5. It’s so good to ‘hear’ from you, Jenn. It’s so easy to play hermit during the winter, isn’t it?
    Darling little camping scene you came up with there- so much fun! I love little scenes . . . diaramas and setting ‘scenes’ were my passions when I was young(er)!
    Congrats on being part of such a fun looking book! :)

  6. I always look forward to your blog updates. The camp ground is a sign that spring is near!

  7. I always enjoy your blog updates. The campsite on the cover is a sign that spring is near!

  8. Glad you are back! Congrats on the book cover, you do such beautiful work.