(photo by liz marchese)

I first discovered felt making in a college textiles course, and started a small
business making traditional wet-felted jewelry.
About 14 years ago, I began needle felting, and fell in love with the technique
These past few years have been a whirlwind of wooly-ness!
I’ve been a guest on the Martha Stewart show, and my first book
was released in Spring of ’08!
I live in a 150 year old house in NJ with a wild, out of control English garden
a loving and supportive husband Jay, and two sweet daughters.
Lately I spend most of my days having fun with my girls,
baking cakes and making critters, reading books & other simple things.

About the bears

Each wee bear, cat, bunny or bird is made of Merino wool by a process
called needle-felting. They emerge after hours of daydreaming, sculpting
the wool with a special needle, and assembling teeny little ensembles, which
they proudly don in order to travel to all parts of the globe.
They are considered collectors pieces for adults, since they are rather small and fragile.
They also have glass eyes
and tiny buttons which are not so safe for children. They prefer to be perched
safely on a shelf and admired.

About felt

The process used to make the bears is called needle-felting.
It starts with a piece of wool roving, which has been prepared and dyed,
and a super sharp needle with little barbs that grab the fiber and “felt”
it as you jab it in and out of the wool hundreds of times, being careful
not to stab your finger. Eventually, the wool turns to a solid felt
structure, sculpted to your liking.

Contact me: jenndocherty@gmail.com